Glencore Baal Bone Colliery Coal Mine Rehabilitation

Mine Site Rehabilitation Revegetation Bush Regeneration Hydromulching
Principal Client
Glencore Australia
Head Contractor
B & K Revegetation & Landscaping
Blue Mountains

B & K Revegetation & Landscaping were engaged by Glencore to deliver multiple revegetation techniques across Baal Bone Colliery, a closed coal mine in the Blue Mountains. The scope involved:

10,000 tubestock planted in riparian area of a realigned creek
1,200 endangered Eucalypt species and Capertee Stringybark
10ha hydromulching applied to steep batters
100ha of site amelioration inc. spreading of compost, gypsum and lime
Cultivation of soils and deep ripping in preparation of seeding
100ha seeded via tractor