B & K is Australia’s most experienced hydomulching contractor

B & K’s hydromulching experience goes back to 1983. Since then, B & K have specialised in hydromulching services having delivered hydromulching scope on some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects including over 6,000,000m2 of hydromulching at Western Sydney Airport.

For each hydromulch project, B & K precisely calibrates product rate specifications to ensure the right amount of mulch is applied to reduce erosion, maximise seed germination, and provide long-term results.

In order to encourage biodiversity, B & K provides tailored seed mixes for specific sites, combining native seeds and annual grasses. This ensures resilient cover of the right vegetation is produced, so the site reintegrates progressively with the surrounding environment.

Helping achieve sustainability targets, B & K’s specially formulated wood fibre is 100% sourced from Australian waste timbers and provides at least 50% greater water uptake with moisture holding capacity enhancing seed germination and uniform coverage.

Whether it be site rehabilitation, erosion control, or general revegetation requirements on mining, civil construction, residential developments, or transport infrastructure projects, B & K have the capability, plant, and capacity to deliver Hydromulching services via truck mounted cannon and hose applications or via helicopter using hot refuelling procedures.

Post application, B & K provide monitoring and reporting, making observations and recommendations based on the germination rates and site stability. Observations are undertaken by site inspection and where required, with the use of drones by B & K’s in-house CASA licenced ReOC drone operator who specialises in large-footprint soil stabilisation and revegetation projects.

For a tailored hydromulching solution and plan, contact us on (02) 4384 4159 or info@bkreveg.com.au.