Glencore Ravensworth Hillcrest Offset Property

Mine Site Rehabilitation Revegetation Bush Regeneration Soil Management Hydromulching
Principal Client
Glencore Australia
Head Contractor
B & K
Hunter Valley
4 weeks

B & K were engaged by Glencore Australia’s Ravensworth Operations to undertake gully erosion repairs to their Hillcrest Offset Property. The scope involved:

  • Construction of 600m of contour banks designed to divert runoff for the prevention of further soil erosion;
  • Reshaping of severe gully erosion to stabilise batters and allow water to flow more smoothly minimising ongoing erosion risks – approx. 1.5ha;
  • Regrading and shaping multiple areas with sheet erosion – approx. 8.5ha;
  • Supply and spread of approx. 100T of gypsum over eroded areas to improve soil structure;
  • Hydromulching 1.5ha of reshaped gully to assist stabilisation while promoting native vegetation establishment;
  • Direct seeding approx. 8.5ha of areas with a tailored mix of native species; and
  • Cultivation of all areas to increase water infiltration, reduce runoff and provide a suitable medium for seeding and hydromulching