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Carbon Offset Tree Planting

Carbon offset tree planting B & K Revegetation are experienced in carbon offset tree planting programmes and can help your company to offset it's carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions. B & K can implement scientifically formulated tree planting programmes specifically designed to help offset and assist in the reduction of carbon dioxide. Implementing carbon offset tree planting programmes not only reduces carbon emissions but also encourages biodiversity and the re-establishment of native vegetation and ecosystems.

Carbon offset tree planting case study

One example of such a programme B & K have completed is the Hunter Water Corporation Tree Planting for Carbon Offsets Contract in 2012/13. They planted 310 000 native tree seedlings over 195 hectares at Chichester, Grahamstown and Irrawang for the Hunter Water Corporation with the objective to sequester carbon produced by the Hunter Water Recycled Water Initiative. The long –term consequences of this project is that over 20 years 80 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be absorbed from the atmosphere and 195 extra hectares of native vegetation is created to encourage biodiversity and native ecosystems.

Carbon offset tree planting professionals

B & K Revegetation have a qualified team of revegetation professionals experienced in planting trees to offset carbon emissions and implementing scientifically formulated tree planting programs to offset carbon dioxide. Contact B & K Revegetation today to find out more about how carbon offset tree planting can work in with your business practices.

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