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Revegetation Services Available in NSW

B & K Revegetation, one of Australia's leading revegetation contractors, has the expertise to perform a wide range of revegetation techniques to mining and construction sites throughout New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland. B & K has been providing revegetation services for over 30 years, helping large companies minimise the impact of mining and construction throughout the active life of the site as well rehabilitation once the construction phase is over.

B & K Revegetation provide revegetation services to all areas within Australia through highly trained staff. Some revegetation services performed by B & K include:

B&K hydromulching Hydromulching / Hydromulch
B&K hydroseeding Hydroseeding
B&K Erosion Control Conventional Tractor Seeding 
B&K strawmulching Strawmulching
B&K revegetation Erosion Control Bush revegetation
B&K Erosion Control Wetlands
B&K Carbon Offset Tree Planting Carbon Offset Tree Planting
B&K Erosion Control Erosion and Dust Control
B&K Dust Abatement Dust Suppression Dust Abatement / Suppression
B&K mine site rehabilitation Mine Site Rehabilitation
B&K Revegetation Services jute meshing Jute Meshing
B&K jute meshing Erosion Matting

B & K own all necessary machinery and equipment required to carry out revegetation services, such as hydromulching, mine site rehabilitation and jute meshing, for large scale projects. Their revegetation techniques ensure quick and effective erosion control with up to 20,000m2 of hydromulching / hydromulch and 30,000m2 of strawmulching per day.

 Revegetation Contractors

All of B & K's qualified revegetation contractors have the skills to stabilise sites to minimise erosion, encouraging biodiversity and the re-establishment of pastures and native ecosystems. They provide top quality workmanship through the use of the most advanced equipment and revegetation techniques.

Being one of Australia's leading revegetation contractors, B & K have years of experience in the management of large scale projects. Working together with environmental consultants and engineers, B & K can provide site-specific rehabilitation programs to make sure the outcome is right for your project. B & K provide revegetation solutions that are cost-effective and conform to the time line for project completion.  They ensure their clients fulfil their statutory obligations, meeting community expectations for an industry that is both economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

B & K's professionalism guarantees the revegetation services completed by them will meet or exceed all OH&S and statutory guidelines, while quality assurance and ongoing monitoring means clients can be confident about long-term outcomes. With various revegetation contractors throughout Australia, B&K's unrivalled expertise and experience in a wide array of rehabilitation services and techniques places them second-to-none. 

Contact B&K Revegetation if you are looking for high quality revegetation contractors, available Australia wide, for revegetation services. 

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