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Hydromulch - Hydromulching

Revegetation hydromulch hydroseeding hydro-mulchingWhat is hydromulch?

Hydromulching, also known as hydromulch, hydroseeding and hydro-mulching, is a technique used by revegetation contractors to distribute a formulated mix of seed and mulch across a relatively large area in a short amount of time. B & K specialise in hydromulching, providing the most cost-effective technique.

How does hydromulching work?

B & K’s hydromulch is the most cost-effective erosion control and rehabilitation method available. In hydromulching, seed and fertilizer are mixed with defibrillated pine, water and polymer binder. The mix is then sprayed under pressure onto a prepared area to create a stable environment for seed germination and sustained regrowth.

Why should you choose revegetation specialists B&K for your next hydromulch project?

While many of their competitors use paper mulch, B & K’s specially formulated wood fibre provides at least 50% greater water uptake, stimulating rapid germination and uniform coverage. For each hydromulch project, B & K also precisely calibrates product rate specifications to ensure the right amount of mulch is applied, reducing erosion, maximizing seed germination and making your hydromulch project a success.

In order to encourage biodiversity, B & K can provide tailored seed mixes for specific sites, combining native seeds and annual grasses. This will ensure a resilient cover of the right vegetation is produced, so that the site reintegrates progressively with the surrounding environment.

Contact B&K Revegetation for more information on how they can help you with your next hydromulching / hydromulch project.

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